Sweet Dreams started out as an idea between a few friends (Victor J. Hernandez, Anthony & Jason Ynostrosa, Roy Figueroa, & Manuel Zavala) as a way to get out of their old life and get into something more creative.  The idea was to get off the street and focus on something that they could be proud of. Lowriding was the first thing that came to mind. Unfortunately Victor was very troubled and took his own life on May 17, 1997.  So the others took it upon their selves to make the clubs founding day on Victor's birthday (Dec. 25) at the end of '97.  Sweet Dreams started out with four members who vowed to keep Victor's spirit alive through the car club.

As the club grew gradually, having many ups and downs, the club always tried to be noticed as a respected crew with respect for all others.  Since the club began there's always been a since of closeness between all the members.  So close, that  SD became one big family.  Every family has it's ups and down, as does SD.  The important thing is that we have stuck together through the good times and the bad.  Many members have came and gone, but the ones that stay through the roughest times are the elite of this club.  They are the glue that keeps SD together.

Lowriders were the foundation of this car club over the years, but now the club has outgrown the title of car club and expanded into a customs club. Now accepting not only lowriders, but hot rods, classics, euros, motorcycles, and even bicycles. We welcome anything that can be customized. Our members though the years have clung together and expanded into different branches and it has helped us become a stronger family.  Each year we improve our cars slowly and strive to one day be one of the top clubs at car shows.

Sweet Dreams is celebrating it's fifteenth year and is still going strong. Altough there have been times that the club held back and had to deal issues the club still manages to jump right into the swing of things and keep pushing forward but attending and hosting as many local shows as possible.

    Since attending and hosting shows the club's craving for competition grows more and more.  Whether it's on the street or at a show, SD loves competition.  Win or lose, we learned that's what custom cars are all about.  No matter if you're a low rider, euro, or racer, etc. that's how the game is played, and we try to express that to others. Most of our cars are street cars, because we crave the competition on the street.  However, we do have a few of our cars are at the shows because we're not afraid to get out of bed and come play with the big boys.

Which is where our slogan comes from. These rides are our dreams coming true for us. To have a sweet ride and get out and play

at the shows or on the streets is only part of the fun we will continue to have for years to come.

"If you can't come out and play, go back to bed." - Sweet Dreams CC


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